Technology is not just our business, its our lifestyle!

At Binarium, we are passionate about what we do. Technology is evolving rapidly and it is more important than ever to have an trusted technology advisor on your side. The time to embrace the future of technology is now and we can help you plan to implement the most efficient tech to solve your toughest business challenges across any industry. Time and time again, our customers remind us that our agility, quick response times, innovative ideas, and the can-do attitude is our core strength. We are able to achieve high customer satisfaction though continuously staying on the bleeding edge.

What do we do ?

We provide our customers a complete peace of mind. With round the clock monitoring and remediation, we aim for five 9s. We provide end to end complete I.T solutions to our customers. Our customers span many many industries and often have overlapping network architectures, products and services. We are also vendor agnostic and so the solutions we provide are customized to each clients needs. We wont say we dont have certain favourites but the shoe must fit to be worn.

HelpDesk 24x7x365

CloudServ Desktop makes it easy to manage your desktop computing infrastructure by eliminating the need for up-front investments and avoiding the complexity of maintaining, patching, and managing a large physical desktop environment or a complex Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solution.

Hardware Procurement

Looking to purchase anything from a new phone to a new server or even just some high quality cables. Binariums team will work with top tier providers to get you the best options for your business. We work with Cisco, Lenovo, Ingram Micro and many others.

Card Access & Video Surveillance

Let us help you set up simple and complex security systems for your office or business. We partner with Ontario based security organizations and leverage our scale and scope to bring the most secure option to meet your budget.

Cloud Monitoring & Backup

Either through our CloudServ DAAS offering or on an adhoc basis we work arround the clock to secure your data with solutions that offer weekly, daily and live backups with full redundancy.

Business Analytics

Our team brings over 20 years experience helping small to medium sized business achieve technological bliss. We work with your teams to understand your business and deliver the best solution that fits like a glove. Whether it is software customization or a unique hardware fit. We make it work, period!

Cloud Migrations

Looking to get into the clouds? We are experts in getting all your data, applications and users into the cloud. We pride ourselves on making sure we meet your tight business timelines. Our team can mange most migrations over a long weekend making sure your business does not need to shutdown at all.

Equipment Relocation

Not only will we arrange for certified technicians to disassemble, move and reassemble your tech equipment but we will stick around to make sure it works when you get to your new home!

Your One-Step Tech Destination

Welcome to our One-Step Tech Destination, where you’ll find a suite of cutting-edge solutions tailored to evaluate your business. From IT services and cloud solutions to expert tech support we’re your all-in-one destination for seamless innovation.