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What Came First,The Computer or The Network?

NetServ is our showcase for our Networking products and services. Under the NetServ umbrella, we offer networking services such as, Internet connectivity, structured cabling, unified threat management and network design,implementation, security and maintenance to name a few.


We provide internet service by leveraging the backbone of the national cable and DSL providers but don’t stop their. Our all inclusive service is designed to meet the needs to growing businesses. We will get you setup wired or wireless, source the hardware needed for your office, make sure your users get online and be there for you 24/7 with our NetServ monitoring system.

Structrued Cabling

Structured cabling is the design and installation of a cabling systems that will support multiple hardware uses systems and be suitable for today’s needs and those of the future. With a correctly installed system your requirements of today and tomorrow will be catered for and whatever hardware you choose to add will be supported. We pay acute attention to details, angles and straight lines while doing our runs. Whether it is copper or fiber, our team is meticulous about making sure things are tidy!

Unified Threat Management

With our next generation UTM platform, your setup time is minutes (not hours) and without intuitive web-based interface you can greatly reduce your network management cost and time. Protect what matters most – your data and get back to focusing on your business.

Your One-Step Tech Destination

Welcome to our One-Step Tech Destination, where you’ll find a suite of cutting-edge solutions tailored to evaluate your business. From IT services and cloud solutions to expert tech support we’re your all-in-one destination for seamless innovation.